Institute of Engineering and Technology

Research / Research Activities

List out of Department Involved in R & D

List of Faculty Members are doing Research in various areas.

Name of the Faculty Area
Dr. A.Sivasubramanian M.E., Ph.D., Optical and wireless communication
Dr. Podili V S Srinivas M.Tech., Ph.D., Data Mining
Dr.T.KrishanaKumar. M.Sc., Ph.D., MISTE. Nano Technology and Nano Science
Dr. S.Viveganandan .,M.Sc.,Ph.D. Environmental Science And Remote Sensing
Mr.R.Rajasekar M.E.,(Ph.D)., Mobile Adhoc Networks
Mrs.B.Sundarambal M.E., (Ph.D)., Digital Image Processing
Mr.K.Raja M.E.,(Ph.D)., Data Mining
Mr.S.Surendiran M.E., (Ph.D)., Power System
Mrs.P.Madhubala M.E.,(Ph.D)., Web Mining
Mrs.R.C.Karpagalakshmi M.Tech.,(Ph.D)., Digital Image Processing
Mr.N.Saravana Kumar M.E., (Ph.D)., High Voltage Engineering
Mr.M.Narendran M.Tech., (Ph.D)., Wireless Sensor Networks
Mr.S.Ramesh M.Phil., (Ph.D). Management
Mr.K.M.Devaraj MBA,(Ph.D.) Marketing & System

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