Accredited by NAAC | Approved by AICTE, New Delhi | Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai
Deviyakurichi - 636 112, Thalaivasal(TK), Salem (DT), Tamil Nadu, India.

NAAC Accreditation


A language laboratory is a dedicated space for foreign language learning where students access audio or audio-visual materials. They allow a teacher to listen to and manage student audio, which is delivered to individual students through headsets or in isolated 'sound booths.'


• While English is being taught from 1st grade, the proficiency needs considerable improvement, especially in communicational aspects such as listening, speaking skills and phonetics.

• This problem, somehow, is due to very little actual communication practice, even though the curriculum is otherwise satisfactory.

• Students need intensive practice on listening and speaking skills in and out of their class rooms as well.

• In this digital era, people are connected regardless of the location. Innovation in technology has certainly brought the world together. And hence, English as a language has become even more mandatory Skill for survival.

• However, the thirst of imparting English language as a skill needs an innovative approach. The language lab is a technological breakthrough for imparting such skills in this domain.

• Language labs can solve this problem and make English learning process highly effective, interesting and intrinsic for both teachers and students, alike.

• Language lab can be an immense help for the students to learn a language of their own choice and at their own pace.

• Language laboratories, of late, have become essential in developing essentials communication skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

• The study recommends that the using of language labs in the teaching of English is highly essential & beneficial right from an early age.

• Our team also realized that greater emphasis should be on Phonetics and recommended that we have separate sections on skills such as Intonation, Modulation, Syllabic division, Vocabulary, Pace of Speech, Fluency, Pronunciation and also techniques to overcome Mother Tongue Influence (MTI).

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